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Welcome to Maus Werx

Your source for scale modeling how-to videos, books and tools.

We take your modeling to a new level of fun and enjoyment.

From beginner to expert Maus Werx is here to help you.

Please navigate our web site and enjoy.


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It is a new year and it is time for a new look!

Maus Werx has all new packaging and some new

items in stock!

We listen to your feedback and have responded with

some new innovations so be sure to check all the

links on the updated website and thank you

for all the support! 



New products:  

Maus Tools

Micro Shot

This is VERY small metal shot (about 1mm)

for weight and balance of your model.

It will fit in every nook to help your model sit


Why so small you ask?

Remember the farther you can put your

weight forward the less you have to use.

(no more bent landing gear) 


Maus Tools

Mixing Bottles

Use these 1oz. empty mixing bottles for

storing paint and glue.

Comes with polycone lid for most solvent based

paint and glues.



Maus Tools

Solder & Flux kit

For soldering brass, photo-etch and wire.

Has hi grade flux and coil of "44" solder.



Maus Paint

Prop Wash Kit

Use this product to clean and get rid

of static on plastic parts before painting

for that perfect paint finish.



Maus Tools

1/2oz Jar lids 15pc.

Use these to replace on worn or damaged paints.

Fits most Testors, Poly S and Floquil bottles.


Maus Tools

Pastel Powder Set

Earth colors for weathering your model plane, tanks,

cars etc.

No more grinding pastel chalk sticks!


Maus Mix

New and improved Snow Flakes.

We have made our snow even better with a more

realistic look and finer size.





New and improved Maus Pads!

We are re-introducing our famous Maus Pads sanding sticks.

They now have a steeper sanding angle, longer length and color coded sticks.

Use them to erase knock out pin marks and sand in small spaces

without gouging the plastic. 


Maus Werx

Armor Modeling Secrets 2

2 hour DVD

This new DVD has more techniques on how to

improve your armor models as a follow up on

the Armor Modeling Secrets DVD.

This 2 hour 2 disc DVD will show you how to

create steel wheels, solder, chip paint, apply mud and grime

and much more! 

An added bonus is a gallery of the real, rare Swiss built German

Panzer 61 Medium tank!  


Maus Tools

1/2oz paint jar plug (20pk)

Maus Tools jar plugs are made for most 1/2oz paint jars

from Testors, Floquil and Poly S. They will keep your paint

from drying out and save you lots of money.

They are resistant to most solvents and are reusable.


Maus Tools

Simulated iridescent "glass"


Plastic semi-transparent discs. Use for your models infra-red, and

coated optics on your model. 10 colors, 5 of each.

Works similarly to our reflective "glass"   


Maus Tools

Simulated clear iridescent "glass"


Plastic semi-transparent discs. Use for periscope glass on your model kits.


Maus Tools

Simulated mirror "glass"


Plastic reflective mirror finish. Use for your rear view mirrors

on your models


Maus Tools

No-Slip Grip Grit Kit

Here it is! the ideal coating for your Meng Merkava 3D!

Kit comes with super fine Grip Grit and Clear Coat adhesive.

Just brush on the Clear Coat, sprinkle on Grip Grit

then shake off excess. Re-coat with Clear Coat and paint.

New formula!

Now with tracer red color to see application better!



We now have new radio controlled car tools!

Click HERE to view page.

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Web site updated 12/26/15