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About Maus Werx

After modeling many years and having people come up to me and ask

"how did you do that?" I decided to start a company that could not just tell

someone how but to show them in detail with photos and video. I figure

I can reach more people this way and give them an opportunity to learn at their

own pace and within their own skill level.

                                                   Dekker Zimmerman


Maus Werx strives to expand the joy and excitement of building scale models.

With this in mind we are offering a series of "How-To" DVD's and books on

different modeling techniques for the beginner to advanced modeler.

With professional instruction by modelers with 30+ years of experience you

can take your modeling to the next level.

Maus Werx also will have a line of aftermarket parts and tools that

can help in your modeling endeavors.  

Modeling is an art form and Maus Werx is here to help creative modelers

create masterpieces of their own. So..........

Model on dudes!

Maus Werx